General 2 Ton AOGA24FETA Wall Mounted

Smart Energy Saving Unit. Power consumption High. Air Swing System Multi. Cooling Capacity High. Auto Clean and Washable filter. Negative air ions deodorizing filter. Temperature Adjustment Digital. Eco-Friendly System. Anti Corrosion Body. Compact & Smart Shape. Air Filter: Anti-Fungus & Bactria. High Efficiency Air flow. 3D Airflow. Comfortable Mode. Air Purifying Function. Remote Controller with back-lit display. LED Wireless Remote Control. 24 Hour On/Off Timer. Auto Restart after Power Failure.
Assembled by Thailand.
Exact BTU 24,000
Coverage Space 240-250 (sft)
Energy Saving Unit Eco-Friendly (Advance Techno)
Star Rating 5
Cooling Capacity 1 Watts (7,117)
Cooling Capacity 2 BTU/hr (24,282)
Moisture Removal Ltr/hr (2.0)
Airflow- High 1 M3/h (1090)
Airflow- High 2 cfm (650)
Power Supply Volts/Q/Hz (220-240/1/50)
Running Current AMP Amps (12.2)
Power Consumption Watts (2560)
EER w/w (2.78)
Indoor Unit Net Weigh Kg (14)
Outdoor Unit Net weight kg (50)
Noise Level (Indoor Unit) dB (36 dB)
Pipe Length Maximum m ,20(7.5)
Operating Temperature Deg.C (55 Deg.C.)
Refrigerant Gas (R-22)
Compressor Hyper Tropical Rotary.(Energy Saver)